Multipage Menu

It's a menu which is traditional and innovative at the same time, thanks to the opportunity of a great graphic development. Due to its solidity, it lasts more:

  • Possible with 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 Pages
  • Sizes: 30x42 - 33x48 cm
  • 200/300 g cardboard with glossy or matt plastic-coatinga

Flyer Menù

Let us know in your local effective communication with FlyerMenù.
Available in paper, laminated to be displayed on coffee tables or in coated paper use as a flyer to attract new customers in your restaurant!

  • 6 Pages
  • Size: 15x42 cm
  • Menu: 300 gr plastic-coating | Flyer: 170 gr Matte Coated Paper

Magazine Menu

It is an innovative menu, which has been thought and realised as a real magazine. With a Magazine menu you will have the opportunity to ennoble the dishes of your menu and the services offered in your restaurant or bar as it has never happened before, by laying out graphics, by enhancing the most relevant dishes or promotion dishes as real advertisement, by adding recipes so that you can give a new way of choosing all tasteful dishes of your menu:

  • Possible with 16 /24 / 32 Pages
  • Size of the unfolded menu: 30x42 cm
  • Cover: 250 g glossy or matt plastic-coated cover | Pages: 180 g matt glazing

Cutting Board Menu

Cutting board menu is a menu which is printed directly on wood. It is ideal for those typical restaurants or bars that want to be recognisable, by offering customers an original menu:

  • Printable on a Single Page
  • Formato: personalised (minimum 35x35 cm)
  • MDF Multilayer Wood

Touch Menu

The most innovative menu which has never existed before, an App that will revolutionise your business: we work out personalised digital menus for iPhone and iPad

  • Personalised graphics and functions
  • App compatible with Apple® iPhone - iPad
  • Web-App compatible with PC - Mac - Tablet - Smartphone