Design and Fitting-out

We innovate, differentiate and communicate your business in an original way in order to strike and attract new customers.
We offer a new innovative solution which is useful to renovate your restaurant or bar by using materials that permit a complete personalisation, by covering your current furniture.

We work out ideas and we realise completely personalised menus, looking for materials and solutions that can give shape to an original iconographical menu.

  • Letter Menu

    Ai 2 Dottori

    We work out a menu addressed to the world of the legal profession; it has been designed as a recorded delivery letter in a sealed envelope with the typical layout of a real order of payment

  • Covering for Furniture

    Ice 4 You Ice Cream Shop

    This project has been realised in order to improve and innovate the image of the ice-cream shop; graphics is affixed to current furniture by using adhesive vinyls and PVC panels

  • Covering for Counter

    Odissea21 Pizzeria

    It's a personalised graphic project intended to renovate the image of the pizzeria; graphics is printed on a rigid PVC panel and it is affixed to the current counter

  • Covering for walls

    ilGusto Restaurant

    It's a fitting-out of the walls with personalised graphics and posters which are printed on a special wall paper affixed with the classical method consisting in the use of water-based wall glue

  • Covering for Columns

    ilGusto Restaurant

    Covering for columns with a new removable adhesive support and the realisation of totems in rigid PVC

  • Covering for Tables

    Odissea21 Pizzeria

    Graphic realisation and print of high resistant adhesive plastic-coated vinyl affixed on the tables which are outside the pizzeria

  • PVC Panel

    FliFlo Restaurant

    Covering of the columns which are inside the self-service restaurant with rigid PVC panels, with graphics for menus, pizzerias and salads

  • Glass Decals

    Olio Sale Pepe Restaurant

    Personalised glass decals realised with an innovative "Print & cut" masking; we use a special material that gives a sandblast effect